Getting Started
Step 1
  1. Connect the camera to your network router with the provided network cable.
Step 2
  1. Connect the AC power adapter to your camera to turn on the camera. (The orange LED light turns on.) Allow about 60 seconds for the camera to power up and connect to the network. When the camera is connected to your network, the green LED light flashes.
  1. Go to the LiveLine website to download software.
PDF Quick Start Guide (AVC3003) PDF Quick Start Guide (AVC3110) PDF Quick Start Guide (AVC3410)
If your wireless network router supports the WPS Push Button Configuration, simply plug in the power cable, attach the antenna, and then place it next to the router. Press and hold the WPS button on both camera and router for about 30 seconds and allow them to connect. Once connected, the green light starts flashing. (WPS feature is available with AVC3110 & AVC3410.) If the router supports WPS but is disabled for some reason, enable it from the router’s administration tool. (Most routers use either or to access the administration tool, otherwise check the router's documentation for instruction.)
Quick Manual